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so last night i had a dreams about

holes in my tights
taking in a refugee into my house
catchin a dragonfly, but then i decided i didn't want to catch it, so it came to me
going to a game, having to get my wrists stamped, however there were all these little circular scabs on the underside of my wrist (they kinda looked like vampire bites?), and the guy stamping my wrist told me that he had to stamp my other wrist as well,... this was just so he could look at my other wrist, which had the same thing going on with it. i was with someone... but i don't remember who. but this strranger stamping my wrists was concerned.

sometimes i wish i knew how to analyze my dreams.

"did i..... see a moment, with you? in a half lit world, i'm fightin to believe."
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