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don't cry over anyone who won't cry over you

easy to say hard to follow

i've been busy lately, and when i'm busy i am not at home ready to post about every little thing i've done. i've kicked it with a few choice people over the last few days and enjoyed myself the whole time.

one comment about driving. if y'all'd drive like me you'd get from point A to point B a whole hell of a lot quicker.

like this ? y'all'd = you all would .... that's where english will be in 75+ years. look at that .... a triple contraction. it's easily spoken now, it will just take some time to weasel it's way into writing.

i love brushing my teeth.

today i take my veeetamens, dey r gud fur mi.

today i drink lots of water and cranberry juice.

today i load my last roll of b&w film into my camera and take some pics.

today i clean house.

today i be busy <----i just used the subjunctive!

i go now. buh bye
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