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what's wrong w/me??

yesterday i ended up skipping school... and i thought "hmm... good chance to sleep in" but here's the thing.... i couldn't sleep past 11!!!! then yesterday i got in at 3am... well, this morning rather, and i got woken up at around ten... and i just haven't been able to sleep since! i must be crazy. that's the only thing i can come up with......... or not...........

yesterday i was so busy, cleaned house, shoulda done homework.
brad stopped by cause traffic was horrid on I5... he became buds w/gomer *my bird* and watched part of a movie w/me and ma sis. then he ventured back out to the great I5..... & i hear he was stuck in traffic somemore... that blows!
went to my friends, hooked up w/weeeeeduh and was w/ma lille sis when she took her first toke. awh...... kodak moment! she was a little champ, she cleared the chamber in the bong and didn't cough! ::sniff::sniff:: i'm so proud *wipes away tear*
after that i took ma sis to a friends house, and then met up w/paul in seattle. i'm always late... i think it's heriditary........ we ate dinner and watched two movies. hmmm.... the uncensored version of road trip *lots more naked chicks* and this french movie called the lost children? i think that was the name of it.... man. that movie was a TRIP!!! i'm gonna go out and buy it now it was so damn cool....

today i buy a bright orange or bright pink bra and fishnet stockings for the rockstar party at the trowel house. woot. i'm going as louise from verucasalt. i'm gonna have a blast, i can tell already.

well, i must go rub my naked, wet and slippery body down.... it's shower time!!
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