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i was going to post something interesting, but i think i am going to go to bed instead. i need to get some sleep tonight.

i will try and post something of substance tomorrow.

well wait, i'll give you something for now, the other day *sunday* i was on my way to seattle, as i was driving down I5 i saw a cop car off to the side of the road. the cop was out of his car aiming something down the freeway, at first i thought it was a radar gun, but as i got closer i realized it was a real gun. umm... ok.... then a little further down the freeway i encounter two more cop cars, a civilian car, and an undercover cop car, everybody was out of the cars and one of the policemen had a shotgun pointed down the hill off of the right hand shoulder. heh. ok... this is odd... then, even further down the road there is yet another cop car w/the cop outside of his car.......... i wish i knew what had been going on.
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