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What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry?

ummm.... red stripe ESSS GOUD

today i feel like cleaning my room, doing my homework and drawing a picture for somebody (you already know who you are) my goal is to get my pic done tonight, so that means i have to complete my other things on my list before i can start it. .... so excited!

my sister went over to a friends house this afternoon to smoke some ganga. she wanted me to pick her up at 0430 so i told her it was no prob. well, at about 0350 she calls...
her: where are you?
me: at home
her: will you come pick us up, we're by..... my friends neighbor called the cops
me: be right there.

hahaa, so when i got there the cops hadn't shown up yet, but oh well, she doesn't need to be around those kinds of trouble makers.

so, right now i'm applying to live on the island of Niue in the S. Pacific. i figure that will way i can run around naked & get a tan & swim in the ocean & talk to birds & eat bananas & coconuts all day long.... anyone wanna join?

my cat is staring at me

good news. i don't have french class tomorrow. bad news... i still have homework :P

Det r ett party. Kommer ni med?
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