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I took this pic way back in july? I had just gotten my new camera (Nikon fm2) and was playing with it, lucky for me there was a beautiful sunset that day.

hmmm... what a weekend. Of course I spent most of it with Leigh... come to think of it I spent just about all of it with him. :)

FRIDAY - This was a crazy day, well, just busy really. My friend Ozzy's boyfriend Barry is a musician, and was in dire need of some assistance with learning how to use his synth. So Leigh said he would help, I took my first class off and took him to Ozzy & Barrys apt. While Leigh was helping Barry, Ozzy & I went to the coffee shop where he (Ozzy) works. We did some french homework (we are both in French 203) but while there my friend Misty called me. I had seen her earlier in the week and she told me that her office was looking for someone to do some data entry/billing stuff. I had told her that I was interested and that I would give her my resume, well, I hadn't exactly given it to her yet but she calls and tells me that her boss would like to see me today (which was friday) I told her that I could be there at 430. So there we go, I had an interview just like that. When it was time to go I took Leigh home, and Ozzy and I went to class. (oh, I forgot to add that I was getting some mushrooms from Ozzy's dealer for my friend...) so on my way to class I dropped them off at that persons work. (I didn't use your name cause I wasn't sure if you would want it on the net...) anyway... went to class, took Leigh with me to the interview. What a great guy, he waited in the car for me. I got the job (we both knew I would) I start tomorrow. weee... money... :) I work m,t,w & th 4-9pm. not too bad, just part time work and it's in federal way. So it will be easy to get to, also it's casual attire, so I can really just go there right after school and not have to worry about how I'm dressed. After my interview I took Leigh to his parents house so he could do some laundry. We ate some soup, socialized with his family and watched the movie Momento. We got out of there kinda late, and since we were going to be having a busy saturday I didn't stay at his house for very long.

SATURDAY - The plan was to go to my grandmas house in Oak Harbor for her annual pumpkin carving get-together and then go to Freak Night V. Well, on our way to my grandmas we decided against the rave and opted to save a little bit of money and buy some shrooms and trip in the u district. It took a bit of working to get the shrooms to fall thru (Ozzys dealer only works form tues until noon on saturday, so we had kinda missed the cut off for the day) But Ozzy was a dear (like always) and managed to get his dealer to hook us up. Well, we had an absolutely amazing night. It was so intense that we were at the point where we knew what the other person was gonna say. It was insane. I've never felt or been so connected like that before. Leigh and I just have a lot in common. (more on this later) Well, we got back to his place and after trying to figure out what time it was (we had no concept of time) we decided to shower. Now this looks like it's going to X rated places, but it's not, I passed out in the shower. Lucky for me he was there and made sure I didn't hit my head. Then when I finally woke up I had the urge to puke. hmmm... that was the down part of the evening. Needless to say I wasn't feeling too hot after that. It took me a while to fall asleep, I always find it hard to sleep on mushrooms or LSD... well sometimes anyway. Didn't sleep too much, I woke up kinda early. :P oh well...

went home, went to bed again, and woke up at about three...

I haven't been doing much today except for chatting w/Leigh, drinking lots of water, eating lots of food, and playing with my bird.

This boy is so funny. He is like me in SO many ways. We are both allergic to the same things, like the same kinds of music, are both procrastinators, and we have very similar thought patterns. ::sigh:: One thing, he still plays the piano and I don't. I wish I still did, it's such a beautiful instrument... I learned how to play the guitar in 7th grade, but didn't take it much further than that. He still plays... there are somethings about him that I wish were still things that I did. I think snowboarding is one of the only things I've stuck with for an extended period of time.

Anyway... I feel like taking a shower now and getting my homework done so I can go to bed. I'm still so tired.

"Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them."
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