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nothing useful ?

I've been bad with posting lately, and rather than catch up I'll just pick up where I am right now. In my bedroom listening to some radiohead and my bird. I should be doing my french homework right now, but...ya. I have a lot of homework due this next week :P and I have to go to this place called a lie-brar-E or something like that. I've heard of this place before, but I never thought they actually existed or were even in use still. Isn't it something from the 13th century? Similar to a torture chamber?

It's cold in my house. I wish I was here that would be SO nice. ::sigh:: someday... someday....

Today I go to school. Then I drag Leigh to my house so I can clean my room & vacuum the house. Then we go see film. Then.... then I don't know what will happen. Something fun I'm sure.

I stayed the night w/Leigh last night. His phone was more active than a porn hotline... well, not really, but it did ring an awful lot at odd times of the night/early morning quite similar to a porn hotline.

pa*tel'la, n., pl. -tellae, kneecap. <-------honestly... who knew that? not me.

hmm... work is going ok. I think that if I worked there during the day I would go nuts. I like the evening shift. I get to work at about 4 so I get a little interaction with some of the day people. They aren't as friendly as the night people. yea fo mE! hmmm, last night I went thru a stack of data entry that was about 5 inches tall. "I was like DAMN!" heh. actually I was like "waaaa my shoulders hurt as does my bum from sitting here for 5 hours!" hmmm... whiner.

"You know that I'm your freak call me up anytime of the week..." if you can tell me what song that is from I will mail you some candy...NOT the kind that Leigh gets tho... that's special candy.

ok, so now that I have blown a little bit of time I must go and do homework. geebus I'm such a procrastinator.

I'm sorry, that was low. ::sigh:: what kind of person am I?

hmmm... I will use the smile pic today... :) "yaya, that's what I'm talkin about"

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