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"& the drum beat goes like this..."

I spy with this one big eye...

what's that? you wanna know..?.. well I'm not gonna tell you. so there :P

Well, today I woke up next to.... guess who... LEIGH. heh, like you really had to thinkthat hard. So, that was nice, as it always is... I went to school, found out that I'm watching a movie in my SIS class tomorrow, and my french class is cancelled. wooha! I visited Paul at work today... (just tellin' ya in case you didn't read my little note I wrote) went to french class (it's friday's class that is cxd) then I went to work and came home. ahhh... what a day.

I've been thinking about imagination and memory lately. I don't feel like I can adequately discuss my thoughts/ideas on it right now, maybe at a later date?

I saw this outside a church while I was driving home from work tonight... "God grades on the cross, not the curve" hmmm... I didn't know this. I always wondered about that...

Now I would like to welcome you to PlaYdoE MaNia's poetry corner.
When Going to the Pass

Take highway 18, it will show you the way,
Go past the super mall,
And the old man w/the toupee.
When going to the pass.

Load up your gear,
Your snowboard, boots and cap,
Make sure you grab some money, you'll need lots of that!
When going to the pass.

Drive into the sunrise,
Making sure you have your shades,
'Cause you know what? The weather man siad it was going to be a beautiful day.
When going to the pass.

With all your friends in the back,
And reaching Hyak,
You make sure it wasn't your board that flew off the rack.
When going to the pass.

With your friends' two piece board,
And a foutain of tears,
You fork out $28.00 and buy your ticket... Hey, it wasn't your board!
When going to the pass.

25 February 1997

damn, I got skillz... heh, ya....riiiiiight...

hmmm... just had a little conversation w/the dad.... it was very interesting (this translates into; they talk I listen.)

alright. it's time to go and count some sheep ......

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