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"Natural protection from sun and wind"

that subject heading would lead one to believe that i was talking about an umbrella, or some other kind of protective covering, but nope. it's on the side of my Queen HelenE Cocoa Butter hand and body lotion bottle. craaaazy

my day went ok, thanks for asking. actually, it kinda sucked. ::sigh:: oh well, i'm starting a new one here now, hopefully it won't blow big ugly peas in poo too. ah, it shouldn't. i get to see Leigh for more than an hour :) woo hoo!

hmmm... work went well. it's nice cause i don't socialize with other people much and because of that i don't have anybody that pisses me off. it's nice. -tangent idea, but has the same focus; work- i work about 5 hours 4 days a week 4-9pm. well, the first two days there i only worked from about 5-9... and since then i've managed to get about 39.40 hours :) which is great cause that means that when paychecks get more regular i'll prolly have more hours than originally scheduled. :) which equates to more money for me and the government.

here is a picture of my pussy................................cat that is hahahahaaa!!! ok. i know, i'm a dork.
picture brought to you by: s.al. incorp.

there is really no food in my parents house. it sucks... i can't live off cereal and fried egg sandwiches... i need something more... MORE!!! like veggies and fruit and thai food. ::sigh:: i keep telling them that they need to import a thai chef, but they just won't listen.

hmmm... could this song be about a vibrator???
jamiroquai - A funk odyssey
~feel so good~

Feels good, I'm stranded
on a spaceship hideaway
And something makes me
think I'm here to stay I'm
so happy where I am.

Feels good,
I've journeyed to the other
atmosphere And every breath
I take just makes it clear
I'm holding heaven in my <------------read that part
hands. It's automatic baby
and it feels so good

Feels good,
These extra sensory
sensations Are causing me
some complications Electro
static information.

Feels good,
I'm playing with a pleasure
traffiker arriving soon
intergalactica I'm holding
heaven in my hands it's <------------and that part
automatic baby and it
feels good.

Feels good
Feels so good

hahaa... i know it's not about vibrators, but EVERY time i hear that song i can't help but think that and giggle...

well, i should study right now. i have a quiz on a map tomorrow... weeee... ouh shit, i've got a paper due too! fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck

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