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it's ten eleven and i want this post to be done by ten thirty... will it happen? we'll see...

well t-day was good. umm... food. leigh and i got to have two meals, one with my family at 2pm, then one w/his family at 6pm. i had to be rolled out the door. :P ah hah ah hah

hmmm... what else happened? like all the other weekends this one was spent w/the object of my affection (i really could reiterate how wonderful he is, how much he makes me smile and laugh, how warm and fuzzy i feel inside everytime i see him, how amazing he is, but that might take a while, and i am sure y'all don't wanna hear it...) we kicked it w/marcus a few times, drank a bunch but somehow managed to stay fairly sober.

leigh documents quite well the going ons of saturday here

had a lot of lucid dreams. i think the shroom trip leigh and i took on the 19th of oct helped trigger them.

i had taken some pics a while back and just recently got them back. i don't like them for a number of reasons...
1) i used color film - i feel as though color takes away from the object that is getting photographed, and can be distracting (maybe i just haven't learned to take not-so-busy photos so that the color acts as an accent to the photo?)
2) they were printed on glossy paper. AGH how i dislike glossy paper (it only works for me sometimes)
3) seeing that this roll was in color i wasn't feeling as creative as i do when i have b&w film.
4) too many were out of focus, and the people shots weren't thought thru very well
5) i haven't found a color film i like, this roll was shot on fuji 400, i just don't like the colors i get from it...
however the roll wasn't completely a lost cause, there were a few images i didn't find totally repelling (from an artsy fartsy point of view)
but these too are lacking something...

i want a new scanner. the one i have blows big fat beetle dick

i want a digital camera. it would go everywhere with me...

i've been remembering to take my veeetamens... :)

blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah.

read a book on color healing. very interesting.

hmm... i ran into a friend from high school. i hadn't seen her since graduation. she was downtown, and turns out she has a 4 month old baby girl. lucky for me i got her number and a photo of her w/her child. she really likes being a mom, which is a good thing, i think she will make a great one. she is very attentive and fun going.

purdE pickture

ok, i've gone over my time limit, now i must go do my homework.

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