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dissolves instantly [userpic]

November 27th, 2001 (10:17 am)

current mood: bouncy
current song: stuff an shit

with they way my lower back hurts i would think that i slept on top of a sack of potatos.
need to have my back popped.
work sucks, i was lied to :P grrrrrrr.......::pfft::pfft::........reeeOOOOwww!!!!!
hmmm.... school BLOWSASS this week. :P.:

"...enuf w/tips an advice an thangs, I'm big dog having women seeing stripes and thangs, they go to sleep start snorin countin sheep an shit, they so wet that they body start to leak an shit, just cause i'm an all nighter, shoot all fire, ludicris balance an rotate all tires..."

ok, i go to skoo now... i needs to get me some o dat edjamacation