dissolves instantly (sahrie) wrote,
dissolves instantly

so this is what i have to do
right now: write a one page paper in a hour.
due friday: oral presentation for french, 7-8 pg paper for sis200
what i have done: nothing
must do: all
after this one page paper is done i must start the 7-8 pg paper, however i still have to get books for my research topic. so do i:
a) skip french today and get the books?
b) get them before school tomorrow?
tomorrow is thursday. i meet w/my group for the french presentation in the morning. can i squish getting the books in?
i must skip french today (because i was too lazy this rmorning to go in and get them) and get the books
so it comes down to this... should i get a good nights sleep tonight because obviously i won't be getting one on thursday (i have premeditated an all-nighter)
yes. sleep good tonight
so come home from work tonight, call people in your french group, then shower and go to bed. that's it.

hmmm.... after this week i'm in the home stretch... almost....there.........just a........little...............further................::gasp::............

lesson learned?
yes. don't do this next quarter!!! ::slaps hands w/ruler::

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