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"i mean a lot i mean a little little"

damn, yesterday i was at work from 4pm - 1125pm. i need the money tho, i'm very broke and have all these thing i want to do/have. oh well...

i was gonna go to the gym tonight, but i opted for having a beer and doing my homework at home instead. oh well... i'll get my workout this sunday by snowboarding w/Leigh, Regina, Justin, Courbin, and... ???

i think this year i'm gonna do a small christmas, like... hand made gifts and such. hahaa... it's all gonna be the same thing for everybody (almost)... i should organize an assembly line and have little indonesian children make my goods. hahahaa... ahhh, i'm only kidding...

i took some pics tonight... deeze wuhr da weeeners

hmmm... i still have a french composition to write, i probably should start on that now....

something useful:
don't eat lead.
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