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it's not that i'm tired... i just want to sleep... bed's so warm, everywhere outside it is cold :*( must get ready for final right now... weeee.... i didn't study, but that's why i got up early, gonna go to a coffee shop and get wired while i review. that's all i really can do, review.

on a side note: yesterday i made lots of money. so on the tenth of dec i borrowed 180$ from my parents. 130 to pay a visa bill, and 50$ to go "snowboarding" well, i got paid yesterday (and i also busted my butt around the house, by doing at least 5 loads of laundry and vacuuming) i don't have much to spend on xmas this year (last year i spent 900$, this year 200$) so as i'm in my room cleaning it *gasp* my mom comes in and hands me 40$, i was like "what's this for?" to which she responded "for taking the incentive to help out around the house w/out having to be asked" then i replied "well i owe you about 180$ can i just pay you back w/this and then after chistmas?" she told me "just forget about it"

wow. thanks mom!!!!!!
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