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fuck this shit

this whole xmas thing is coming up way too quickly. not prepared... nope, not at all...

worked from 320-11 today. gonna have a nice paycheck next friday... wOOt!

stepped in a puddle when i was on my way to my car on my lunch. i cussed something fierce. went home, changed, ate, stopped at 7-11 got a slurpee and some sixlets then went back to work, all in under 30 min. :) i'm so proud...::sniff:sniff::....

this sucks: i was invited to hang out with james and ozzy and watch some french movies (smoking implied)... but alas, i had to work. oh well... next time i guess...

i finished a roll of film this evening :) i hope i can get it developed quickly. last time it took WAY to long to get it developed and printed.

need to start making people their gifts. sorry tez k & benjamin roux, you guys are gonna get more like a "happy holidays/new years" kinda gift... but it will have been made w/my own little hands :)

i must go to bed soon. i need to get some sleep in before it's morning... cause i've got a lot to do tomorrow
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