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ya so anyway...

"your love is one in a million, it goes on and on and on... you give me a really good feelin all day long.. i'll give you anything you want from me, anything you want anything you need anything your soul desires..."

i've been busy lately, and i haven't felt like posting. the only reason i'm doing this now is so that when i look back on today i know i was still alive... great no?

hmmm... lots of stuff goin on, none of it really "important" or maybe it is and i'm just not paying no mind to it thus making it not so


i got a new parakeet. it's cute, nameless and i have NO clue if it's a boy of girl yet, so naming it is kinda hard at this point in time.

i had a dream about orange bic lighters last night. hmmm.... big ups the the orange bic lighter possie... which constitutes of roughly leigh, me, this chick at my work and soon regina and justin will be added to that list *merry late christmas*

tomorrow my gma moves into an assisted care living unit. *sniffle* she says it makes her sad cause she knows that it's the end of the road.
she's just waiting to die now. .......

"she would porbably leave you alone, she would probably cuss you out over the phone, i betcha she would probably be glad that you were gone and that she wouldn't have to worry... if your girl only knew..."

bah. my sister is rockin tha house out.

gets into my brain, like worms in a corpse.

but back to the lecture at hand... finish it for me leigh

ok, i go get ready for work. *blah*
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