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"voodoo... vooodooo on yoOUuu....

on you on you on you...... can you hear my voodoo? my spirit will call on you, you will hear me in your dreams, you will never cry in vain. can you feel my voo doo? my soul will see you through, you will feel me in your dreams, can you hear me call your name? voo doo voo doo voo doo on you....."
Warrior - VooDoo (club mix)

so this weekend was not nearly long enough, it's not like we did much of anything, it just didn't seem like there was very much time. if you are reading this and want a detailed description of my weekend read leighs post.

so i got to sit and listen to meta pratice. i think those guys have the right idea... being together in a band and all. they all seem to be the kind of people that can hear a tune, then figure out how to play it. which, in my opinion is a great advantage and skill to have, cause lord knows i wouldn't be able to do the same.


FUCK!!! my mom is SUCH a GRRRRRR!!!!!!!! so my cousin is getting married on the 2nd of feb in cali.

background story: he has been dating this girl, stephanie, for over a year now... like maybe two... so anyway, she found out she's pregnant and well wouldn't you know it, he was gonna ask her to marry him but hadn't asked before the little surprise came along. so now they are getting married (yea for him he found the love of his life) but their wedding came up short notice and also is in cali.

so back to what i was bitchin about... so my parents want to drive down to cali (oakland to be specific) and they want to leave thurs night, and come back monday. well, if i'm gonna be going i would have to miss a day of work (5 hours) and my french class on both friday and monday. well, wouldn't you know it i have a test that monday, so i can't miss my french class. so i suggested that i fly back or something... well... just now my mom wanted to use the net, but since i'm on it she decided to just have me look up airfare on expedia... so we are doing this, start booking the flights *for the whole family* and then my sister comes in and says she doesn't want to miss two days of school (she was under the impression we were still doing the same plan as before) so we told her that she would only be missing friday and that we all were flying. so she agreed to go. so we are booking the tickets and then my mom is like, well, you girls can just fly in on friday and go back on sunday and your father and i will drive, this is a great idea... everyone is happy (i would seriously DIE if i had to ride in the car w/them for over 3 hours...) so i'm saying i could loan leigh my car for the weekend and he can drop us off at the airport on friday and pick us up on sunday... (sorry leigh... you wouldn't have had any choice in the matter...) and then i asked my mom about the car ins... cause we quote unquote have "full coverage" and it would be ok if leigh drove my car...right..?... since that's what "full coverage" would technically cover. well then she starts talking nonsense and says that she has two claims against her already... i was like what for? umm... apparently when my moms car got broken into and the rental car got broken into a few weeks ago safeco is going to raise her insurance. so then i pipe in about how that is FUCKING BULLSHIT considering you pay out the fucking ass all fucking year long and over years and years while NOTHING happens to your car(s), then all of a sudden, some FUCKNUT decides they wanna pop your windows out and steal some of your shit and then your rates go up. so i was cussing, because that's what i do when i feel strongly about something, and my mom tells me not to use that language. fucking control freak. so i just say i'm not gonna speak then. i just won't voice my opinion if i can't use the language i want, and to that she just throws her arms up in the air and leaves my room and says she'll just book the tickets later.

AGH!! i'm so fucking pissed, because they want me to voice my opinion, but then when i do they want me to shut up, or not have the opinion that i have. which in turn makes me not say anything to them... then the cycle continues. fuck this... i'm damned if i do and i'm damned if i don't.

so back to the whole cali thing. it's still not figured out.

::sigh:: breathe in... and out... slowly.....in.....out.......::sigh::........

work was ok.. we had a little billing test to see if we could bill 100 exams in a hour... too bad we blew that estimate out of the water... lowest being 150, highest 170. (we are trying to get this one lady fired cause she claims that it's impossible for someone to bill 100 exams a hour. heh... buh bye crazy bitchy slacker!!)

hmm... what else... oh, i have lots of homework to do and i really should be doing it right now... grumble.grumble...

ya, so leigh is amazing... and cute and smart and loving and funny and good in..... shit the list can go on and on... but i don't wanna bore y'all with that... cause then there would be puke all over your keyboards... but i would die for the boy. i would give him my liver if he needed it. (or any other organ for that matter)

::sigh:: so lucky am i

so i was just helping my sister with the dishes and she told me a little story. so today my mom and her were home (while i was at work) and my mom wanted to melt the remains of a candle out of it's container. well she took off the metal part of it but had some how managed to overlook the piece of foil that was on it as well... she pops it in the microwave, my sister is on the phone in the kitchen and all of a sudden leah (my sister) hears a loud BOOM!!! and then sees the kitchen light up in bright neon green light as the inside of the microwave has a little campfire going in the middle of it.
and my mom claims that she wasn't trying to burn the house down.

WAH WAH WAH mom is blabbing... gotta go reow!! pfft pfft...
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