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my weekend...

fawkN RAWKED!! i would love to tell you every single little detail of my trip, but i fear it might take too long, and besides who would read the whole thing anyway? so i think a brief summary will suffice... although the bit about the car really needs to be told in person, so i can describe to you the sounds the car made when it was running... but oh well. c'est la vie, so lets get going....

i drank a lot

i smoked a lot

i was in the rental car w/my cousin when he decided to drive like a dude off dukes of hazard. (i'm lucky i'm alive or not in jail!!) let's not get into the details about how the brand new 4000 mile rental car runs now. that's not the point, the point is he got the car to fly off those hills in frisco (about 3-4 feet off the ground!), and we did verify that the cars ebrake still works, and the neutral drop was very amusing. LOL.... i still chuckle when i think of the reaction my uncle had when we were on the way to the wedding the next morning. lol..... wow, we're bad. poor car, it was totally fucked up!

i met a ton of cool people

i partyed w/a ton of cool people

fyi- berkley sucks.

i know the freeways in the bay area better than a native of the area. (now that's sad when i've been in a city for about a day and i'm telling them how to get on the freeway, and which one we need and which way we have to get on it...)

the lack of sleep obtained indicates the level of fun which was had by all involved parties.

i got to sleep at 8pm last night. that was nice.

now my cars heater doesn't work.... and i mean, at all. the fan is busted. it was working yesterday, now... nothing. so i can't go in to class for my quiz because i can't see the road thru all the frost (this is why living in the bay area at this point in time would be good... no frost!). i sure hope my prof lets me make it up sometime. ::sigh::

something to say about leigh?..... ya, i missed him. he dropped me off and picked me up from the airport. then, that's about how much i've seen him. he couldn't stay over last night 'cause he had homework to do. oh well... i'll get to see him in class tomorrow and then again on thursday.
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