dissolves instantly (sahrie) wrote,
dissolves instantly


this blows. i am supposed to work at two, but the only time i can take my car in to get fixed is 130, now they won't give me a loner car, but i can rent one from enterprise across the street. problem one w/that, i don't have the money, problem two, it will cost more cause i'm not 25. (fukn lawz) so since my parents have NO clue when they will be getting home, and even though i now find out there are keys to the other vehicles here. (which means i could have gone to class today and taken my test, but instead i have to skip my art class tomorrow to make it up ugh!!) i am kinda stuck. i can't get back home to go to work, but i still need to go to work. ::sigh:: lucky for me it is month end at work so there won't be a whole hell of a lot to do.

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