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now i go to bed, not to sleep, oh no... to sit and mull things over. come at situations from every possible angle. to work out the activities of my coming day in my head........to mentally batter myself into believeing certain things about certain someones. reflect on the conversations and activities of today. the good, the bad... and yes, even the ugly. then, after i've thought about it all, and feel as though sleep will never come... it will come..........at least for a few hours, and then i'll have that same feeling in the morning, like i've floated to the top and hit a ceiling fan, just to break into tiny pieces and





and there i will stay, at least for a little bit. after a slice of disgust, i'll pick myself back up again, to switch back into the same old routine, never once learning my lesson. what's the point anyway? living in a bubble fearing the worst, is that what life's about? or is it more about getting it up to your elbows in muck and muddle? which is more entertaining? struggle or calm? it's all relative i guess.....
and now to that activity called "sleep"

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