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i won't quit it...

so valentines day was alright. turned in my robots. that went over well... then i went to work while the boy kicked it at my house. umm... he gave me this cool vday "card" that he made. i put card in quotes cause it's not like a generic card... ya... so that was cool. hm. friday, didn't do a whole lot, stayed at my house cause my rents were still outta town. my sister had 2 friends stay the night, and since they got stoned they all went to be around 1030. me & the boy didn't do a whole lot of anything. saturday, same ol same ol... kinda... were supposed to kick it w/geraldine, but she didn't call us till night and she was supposed to call us in the afternoon, so instead w/went to the zig zag w/marcus, then back to leighs house w/a 12pack and a bottle of wine, then steve g. came over. smoking ensued... and ya. that was that night. sunday was pretty banal, didn't do a whole lot of anything, did some laundry, worked on another drawing... hmm... ya that's about it.

"i know i'm wrong but i can't help it, i tried to block you outta my mind but i can't help it...for real you know, i tried...."

hmm... so what does today hold in store for sarah? well... not a whole lot, gonna head up to the boys house. i bought him a thai cook book for vday, and i told him i would cook him a dish of his choice today. hmmm... next time he cooks for me. then in the evening dantes. hmm... i'll have to fit studying in somewhere in there...


"got the biggest crush on you for real i tried that's the truth"

ok, i think i'm done here, and now back to your regularly scheduled programming....
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