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dissolves instantly [userpic]

like an animal

February 20th, 2002 (11:36 am)

current mood: crazy
current song: perfecto presents.another world.paul oakenfold.disc two


well i did it, i was finally able to get the bunny in it's cage w/out getting scratched. i still feel bad. cause it's cage is SO small and it loves to run around the house. it does laps around our sofa in the living room, and it does that cute little jump/kick too...::sigh::... i'm actually gonna be sad to see that bunny go. (i think it likes us too...) even tho it does sit in it's own shit.

in other news: my cat still eats dirt.... as does my bird gomer now... looks like it's the in thing to...eat?...

i did horrible on my french quiz i had yesterday. i got a 77%. grrrr... i knew i should have studied, because that means, that i am, on average, an average student. i could be an exceptional student if only i would study. *kicks self in butt* <-------ouh, that was really hard to do! i should get a scooby snack!!

so anything else going on?
no not really, it is sunny outside and i should be taking advantage of it and finishing off my roll of slide film
well then, why don't you?
truthfully?... it's cause i'm lazy, and i would rather make my bed, put away my clothes and do my hair than actually do something productive.
oh, and those things aren't productive?
no, not really... cause it's easy to just not do them... but i can pretend i'm going to.

lovely inner dialogue no?

alright... mayhaps i will go and do those things i speak of...........


Posted by: .love.no.evil. (love_no_evil)
Posted at: February 20th, 2002 04:33 pm (UTC)

Take a picture of bunny!!

I love when they jump and kick like that.
What you need to do is wrap a towel around your hand....and bounce it up to them while making a noise on the floor. Hit it's back feet with it. It's hilarious. It will probably attack....
my bunny actually makes a game out of it....*g*

Has your bunny done a 'flopsy' yet?? Has it jumped a bit and landed on it's side and then roll onto it's back with it's paws in the air??

Sounds like a happy bunny you have there. Tell the owners that they should litter train and house train it. Bunnies are so much happier like that!!

Does the bunny eat it's shit?? *g*
They are supposed to actually....they get their vitamin E that way. It's a certain kind of poop....usually done in the evening....

Bunnies are strange creatures!!

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: February 20th, 2002 06:59 pm (UTC)

i'll try the towel bit... wait no i won't, it's owners are taking it back tomorrow. *sniffle*

this bunny is litter/house trained! :) it's so nice...

i haven't seen it eat it's shit yet... but if i do i'll prolly gag and then post about it *g*

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