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"harder, better, faster, stronger"

dantes last night = fun .... didn't get drunk, shit, i didn't even get a buzz!!! damn. does this mean i'm an alcoholic?

today = bad girl.
didn't go to two of my three classes. of course i went to the last class of the day where i didn't do anything but walk around the henry art gallery looking at japanese pop art (superflat) wOOt! for lazy ass class days.

i was gonna wash my car, but upon inspection of the facilities i found that there were no hoses to be found. that makes it difficult to wash a car.

what will the rest of my day consist of now that i've had a tuna sandwich? umm... homework. i've got a bunch of french homework to do as well as get the pieces for my cardboard chair ready. sounds exciting no?

and tonight? i will go to the gym. my sister has no choice. she will accompany me. aren't i a nice older sister?

so, i've decided to save money and try and book a trip for myself that i can only take if i get good grades next quarter... i need some incentive.
i also need motivation

in other news: hmmm... none yet.

more to come later

and now back to your regularly scheduled programming
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