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dissolves instantly [userpic]

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July 18th, 1999 (11:08 pm)

hmmm... haven't updated this in a while... things are going good. :) <-- BIG grin. Ben is so awesome. :) <--- another BIG grin. hmm.. went to a rave last night w/my raver b/f. :) except for the part where i got sick it was a blast. life is going good. gonna go to columbia river gorge this weekend... hehehee... eli marcus here i come!!! hehehheee... ahhhh.... :) hmm... work is ok. school is still a bitch. um... getting my own apt. soon. other than that life is pretty damn good! hope you are having fun in europe brad.... gotta go now... laterz all! *P*L*U*R*

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