February 26th, 2000


(no subject)

one thing i have noticed; a lot of people judge you for what you do for "fun", like they are better than you for some reason. heh... i guess it just lets you know how people really are. if you do something they don't agree with they try not to have any, or much association with you. wow. people are so close-minded it's amazing! (this probably sounds as if i never knew this before, but i did, i just didn't expect to find it in people i would have once considered "friends") ::sigh:: i know some people out there are "disappointed" in me and my "activites" and, sometimes i feel that way about myself too, until i look at the big picture. and i realize that real "friends" don't turn their backs on you no matter what you may choose to do. (does my rambling make any sense?)