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dissolves instantly [userpic]

(no subject)

December 4th, 2000 (02:05 pm)

well well, lookie here, sarah got to a computer! haha! it's taken how long? hmmm... what is new in sarahs life right now? hmmm... let me think.... oh man, that's making my head hurt, better stop. well, i quit my job. i feel so good now. :) happy happy joy joy. ok, i'm sorry, i've run out of things to blab about. hope to update sometime soon

dissolves instantly [userpic]

bus moments

December 4th, 2000 (03:14 pm)

lol... so the other day i was on the bus going home. we were on the freeway and this bum walks past me to the back of the bus (he was previously sitting in the front) all of a sudden i hear the sound of liquid on a window... ya... dude decided to water the back bus door. ACK! then he went back to his seat up front.
moral of this story, don't touch ANYTHING on the bus unless you absoutely have to


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