June 4th, 2001



I can't wait for this final to be over, I really want to go to the gym. My abs, butt, arms, thighs and back are feeling unappreciated and underworked. Although moving all my crap out of my townhouse and cramming it into my parents place was a chore, I just couldn't feel the burn.

hmm...I think I should let Gomer (my bird) out so he can fly around and pester me. He's sitting in his cage in the other room squacking all by himself...poor thang...

Let me see what shall I listen to? Let's start with some funky house, perhaps followed by LTJ Bukem. That sounds good...
song for the moment: Nightcrawlers, Surrender your Love

I don't know why I love this song, but I do

I met a boy, his name was Jay, he was so fine
I met a girl, her name was Jane, she wanted to be mine

I met a boy, his name was Jay, he was the one
I met a girl, her name was Jane, she wanted to have fun

he had vision of the things that I need
she understood how a woman should be treated
I've got a decision which one should I choose?
when it comes jay and jane, there's just no way to lose...

I do both jay and jane, they make me feel the same.....

I do both Jay and Jane by LaRissa


did you still want a copy of the original LJ installed program? cause I really want to update what I have... let me know

girls on top

I was reading Maxim *for men* (june 2001) magazine yesterday, I love the articles they have in there. So informative, I learned about what different colors on nation flags stand for, how to get my car unstuck from mud, snow, sand... there was also this article about how to get your woman to get over her sexual fears... one such clipping said this *snicker*

HER HANG UP: If it ain't man on top, she ain't interested.
PROBLEM FOR YOU: zzzzzzz...
Maybe she's lazy. Maybe she feels silly getting on top and playing rodeo. Maybe she doesn't like her boobs bounding around like two balls of pizza dough. Maybe she has no rhythm.

The article goes on about how men can change this undesired behavior.

Just to let you guys know, those thoughts have crossed my mind in this position, but once the initial thoughts have left and feeling takes over, it's all good.