June 6th, 2001


I survived!

Well, I got another healthy 3.5 hours of sleep again. damn. I woke up at about 515 (a.m.) my radio alarm was blaring on who knows what. I don't think it was actually a station, I think it was noises sent to my radio from aliens. heh. So when I shut it off I threw my arm over and knocked all this stuff off my dresser. Oh well, at least I was awake (nevermind the heart attack I had from that damn noise) I then proceeded to go to work. ugh.

Work was fine, my boss was having surgery today so my coworkers and I were having a field day. hehehee... we were acting like little school children.

After work I went and took my final for my international studies class. I was stressed about it, but feel I performed a fairly adequate job. Too bad my prof is SO HOT! and too bad he is going to be leaving the UW to teach at Duke. damn.

didn't do much else today. Worried about my final tomorrow morning. oh well... after 1020 tomorrow its all OVER!... until mid july.

ok. gonna shower now. WOO HOO!
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