June 17th, 2001


For your protection, do not use if imprinted seal under cap is broken or missing.

Well today is fathers day. We were going to buy my dad tickets to Sade, but they were sold out. (his birthday is on tues) I was sad, so now I am on a quest to find another concert he would want to go to. hmmm...

I got to sleep in until one today. It was nice, I got a full 12 hours of sleep (and I still want to nap!)

Went to the mall and was on a mission to find and buy a certain thing, but I got a little sidetracked and bought a dress too. It's pretty.

Not much else, my mom bought my bird a twig/pirch thingy for his cage, great. Now he barely has room to move around. oh well.
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I should have known

My mom cooked dinner tonight, and now I feel like I am gonna die. ugh, I feel like this every time she makes something w/gravy, I think I will starve next time

Got a pretty summer dress today. yea, now I just need to get a good tan for it

well, I have to work tomorrow, so I guess I will go and take my shower.
night all
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