June 30th, 2001



well, I did get my hair "trimmed" yesterday, but it turned out to be more like a "cut" agh. I hate it when people don't listen.

I was reflecting on all my relationships with people, and have come to find that most people I know are liars. hmmm... I guess that this means I can apply this sterotype to most, if not all, people and say that everyone is a liar.

Liar liar pants on fire

Yesterday I went and saw the movie crazy/beautiful with my sister and her friend, all I have to say is ...
good movie.

My friend Misty & her beau Ty moved into their apt this last week, so I hung out w/them and a few other people last night. I didn't stay for long, I was tired and had to work this morning. weee...

I am getting excited for my birthday. I think I wanna go to the Last Supper Club... I don't know. I have no idea how I am going to be getting home. oh well, as of right now I don't care.

well, I forgot to turn in my time card for work, so I have to get to kinkos to fax it if I want my paycheck...
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gettin ready

Ben is having a little party, I suppose it would be a housewarming party since he just moved into this place a little under a month ago. :) woo hoo! jello shooters, liquor... sounds like I am gonna get faded...

agh, damn allergies! I can't even get a good nap in cause my nose is running around...come back here.. you little... AGH! caught you AZCHOOOO! damn you!