July 12th, 2001


road rage

my dad thought it would be really funny if someone came out with a movie called "Road Rage" where the main character drives around in a big pickup truck, like the kind they use in monster truck shows, and when people get in his way he just runs them over in his massive truck. my dad also thought it would be funny if there was a scene in the movie where you see a guy drinking out of his ceramic coffee mug, then all of a sudden the guy in front of him slams on his breaks and the guy drinking the coffee has his mug shoved into his face... ah hah ah hah... (yes my dad does have sick humor)
i think he got this idea from watching all those police car chases that take place in l.a. so, taking that into consideration the main character would also need to consume massive amounts of pcp in order for the movie to be really convincing.

if anyone wants to buy this idea off my father i am sure he is willing to negotiate a going price.
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