July 25th, 2001


my mommie gave me a nickle....

if you don't know that song then good, i hope you never hear it... it's one of those annoying songs that gets stuck in your head for days, similar to the it's a small world song.

i admit, i have been slackin' on posting... but i have an excuse, i've been busy.

the other day i was in my room and my dad calls to me through the kitchen door "hey, come and see what we're doing, we're at the side of the house" (he was referring to himself and his two brothers) so i go outside and head to the side of the house, i am noticed the sound of a vacuum cleaner "oh good" i thought "they are cleaning something" heh, they were in a strange way. they had the vacuum cleaner hose propped into this rockery "what are you guys doing? vacuuming out a nest?" yea, they were using the vacuum cleaner to clean out a hornet nest that was in the rocks. "we've gotten about a thousand of those suckers!" oooOOOOoooo impressive. they were so proud of themselves. way to go guys!

summer school started. oh boy. my heart is racing from excitement, oh wait, or is that anxiety?

been going out a lot, using my id to the fullest of it's capicity. what good are you being 21 if you don't support the beer, wine and liquor industry? it would be such a shame for me to let a few drinks pass me by....

nothing new other than that. getting excited for my trip to san diego in august and area one at the gorge. exciting no?

use day or night.
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    Global Underground - Paul Oakenfold Live at Oslo - disk one