August 7th, 2001


dark isn't the opposite of light, but rather the absence of light

i messed up on my previous post, it's not 8 days until san diego, it's 8 more days of school... but now after today i only have 7 EEK! and it's 9 days until san diego... i was getting a little too excited oops!

well, i have been doing fairly well in my summer class, hopeing that it will help me get into my major... if not, i guess i will just become a hobo.

thinking about working at lovers package, they pay really well and have lots of benefits... ouh la la... i dunno tho still have to think about it

i'm going to be taking some photos for a wedding this weekend, i'm a bit nervous because i have never really done portrait shots. oh well, i guess i'll just have to bite the bullet and just do it

hmm... normally something funny happens to me almost everyday, but lately i'm under a dry spell. hopefully things will start to perk up

gonna go out tomorrow with an old high school friend. yea, more beer here

this is a gasper folks, i'm actually going to go to the gym tonight. i wanna do a 2 hour work out and feel completely exhausted tomorrow. :) i think it will be great.

trip like i do
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