September 10th, 2001


brilliant & resilient

ahhh... just got done from my two mile walk/jog/sprint/walk-a-thon. :P i feel grrreat, now it's time to work some other muscles and shower.

had a good weekend. lots of complications, but other than that it went ok. i got to see a car fire, so it couldn't have been all that bad.

today is help my grandma day and find a job day. woooo, gonna be busy!

back to business

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love will make it alright

the worst thing to do is fill out job applications. agh. i hate it. all the same damn info over and over and over again. :P icky

gidget got some pics developed today, they are so cute... awh...

my room is a mess. i need to have a personal slave that will do my bidding. anyone interested? send applications to...


i went through some old pics w/gidget yesterday. we had some catching up to do since we both missed the last three? years of eachothers lives. we both realized how lame we are. she had countless pictures of her dog and fuckface, and i had countless pictures of raves and dumbass, so we decided to do some purging... bye bye fuckface & dumbass. *muwah* i'll just stick w/the memories & a few of the good pics.

well, it's time for me to help my lil sis w/her french homework. weee... now i know why i've taken around 4-5 years of the language, to help my sis!

mary likes it, she really likes it!
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