September 16th, 2001


oh the things i do when i'm under the influence of alcohol

so last night was a total blast. i had my doubts that we would end up doing something i would remember for the rest of my life, but i was wrong...

the night all started w/three bottles of boons. ugh, i can't stomach the stuff so i left the drinking of them up to misty and jessica. after they finished off about a bottle each we decided to go to a bar and have some more drinks. we were told that this bar had dancing... more specifically cage dancing. so when we got there we were a little sad to discover that there were no such devices. it was a typical bar... pool tables, games and the bad music. so we consumed about two double sex on the beaches, and then proceeded with the rest of our evening. at about 11pm we met up w/one of jessicas underaged friends and went to a frat party with her and a bunch of other girls. there were way too many people there for our comfort, especailly since the majority of them were underaged, so we decided to go back to the bar and do some more drinking there.

well, we got another drink and after that jessica and misty were toast, and since i still had a squirrly stomach from the previous night i was alright and passed up drinking more (also i didn't consume a whole bottle of boons) then we figured out that the dance club was downstairs. so we marched our asses down the stairs... well, we more or less stammered down them... and then we were informed that the cover was $5 per person... we just looked at eachother, then the bouncer,and then he cut a deal with us, all three could get in for $10. alright! we were so happy.

well folks, we found the cages, and to make it even better... they had poles inside them. score. :) so, since misty and i are both with someone we decided that we were gonna claim lesbian for the night and jessica could do whatever (or whoever) she wanted. our plan kinda backfired tho... cause there were still way too many guys dancing w/us for comfort. i think us dancing all over eachother was more of a turn on... cause i would dance with a guy, then turn around and dance with misty and the guy would still be there. agh!

at one point while dancing in the cage there was a guy in a cowboy hat and overalls. i jacked his hat and wore it for a while, i felt cool :P i was so happy, i looked over at jessica and she was making out with some guy. haha, she now has syphallis lips (j/k)

overall, i had a great night and it was nice to visit jessica. too bad the drive sucks. :P icky poo poo pants

hey, what are we doing?
we're sleeping
i thought we were going to the rave...
we're sleeping
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