September 17th, 2001



Kissalude - Basement Jaxx - Rooty
kiss me on the eyelids, make bad things go away
kiss me on my forehead, make everything ok
hold my face real steady, i don't want you to miss
cos the remedy for all my pain is jus 1 kiss

i hate it when boys make me cry.
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i'm dying!!

well not really... i'm just being melodramatic, but my stomach is all squirrelly. now i remember why i don't eat my moms food... cause it casts a feeling of qualmishness over my body. *bleh*

it's a gray day. it fits with my mood. i just wanna crawl into a dark warm hole and sleep. try and forget about the last two months of my life... because they were so much fun. wait, strike that... i want to remember them because they were fun. i just wish that the fun wasn't over. ::sniff.sniff::

well, i'm off.
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    The Best of Hubert KaH dance hits

first time

in a long time that i have been single. it's strange... i don't know what to think of it yet. normally i jump out of one relationship and right into the arms of another, but not this time. no open arms waiting, oh well... i'll get over it

it's freezing in my parents house brrrr..... i wish we had a hot tub. i would spend the majority of my day in it

ok, i'm going to go and read some quality material... cosmopolitan, ouh look, i can take a quiz to see how passionate i am. sounds like fun, can't wait to find out more about myself :P
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    Stone Temple Pilots - Purple