September 18th, 2001


no relationship, but sex is ok right?

drank too much last night. *gasp* :P i need to stop doing that... i didn't pass out this time, but some events of the evening are a bit fuzzy, oh well...

i got to hang out w/a bunch of guys that i went to high school with. yummy. it was crazy being the only girl in a room full of guys... but i didn't mind :P we evaluated the girls in shaved & ready (or is it ready & shaved?... i can't remember) that was entertaining.

today i have NO clue what i'm gonna do. i really should turn in my job apps... but we'll see how that goes

i don't like the politics right now. it creates sadness in my heart.

too much extra cheese
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    Busta Rhymes - The Coming

last night

i had a sexy dream... i was making out with some chick. it was crazy

on a different note, i have the HUGE bruise on my knee... it's about the size of my kneecap. i have NO clue how i got it.

yea! my jamiroquai cd arrived!
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    luscious jackson - fever in fever out