September 24th, 2001



i'm awake right now, but i think i'm gonna go back to bed... need more more later :P

last nights adventure

well i had a good time last night. i got to play some pool... i actually won two games, but not because i'm good, only because brad messed up... i should pratice more, then we walked around seattle, went to the five point cafe by the space needle and ate some nachos..yummy.. after that we watched so i married an axe murderer... i had fun. great night to be had by all...

today has been fairly uneventful. my friend was having some family problems so we couldn't meet up. i hope all turns out for the better for him. hmmm.... i woke up around 740 & got ready for the day, then when he told me he couldn't make it i went back to bed until about one or so... damn i'm such a lazy ass. it's insane how much time i waste just sitting around doing nothing.

hmmm... i'm kinda hungry right now. maybe i should get some food? but what?...

i called mike today, but my phone disconnected right as i was leaving a message. i didn't bother to call back, he will know who it was. "hey mike it's sa..." haha...

i called my friend brandon yesterday, he was sick last week and i was just checking up on him... i think he's either working or avoiding me?... dunno... i'll find out some time this week.

alright, i'm off to get some food.

oh, i need to figure out what is going on for saturday night so joe and i aren't sitting around making faces at eachother. so i think i will pick up a stranger today and take a gander at this weekends events.

another thing, if anyone has a way out west album they want to give me i will be more than happy to take it off their hands. :)
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i'm off to bed now. i am actually going to go work out in the morning, so i need to get some sleep... also school starts next week, so i need to get onto a good sleep program. weeee.... fun stuff.....
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