October 2nd, 2001



i want sex. this is not good because i don't have a designated partner. where can i find one? do they sell them at nordstroms? do i need to sign up on a sheet? hmm.... i would like some answers please... or feel free to send in an application.


umm... lunch with paul, or paul for lunch or is it paul and lunch? damn, can't remember? :P

alrighty, i'm gonna go for my two mile walk soon... shit, really soon. crap, ok i better jet anyway...

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please tease me and please me but remember i'm not that easy

now if this doesn't bring back memories of my high school nickname i don't know what will... *long story there, but nothing to be scared of*

article out of Transworld Snowboarding magazine Sept 1996, 1996-1997 Buyers Guide

Confessions of a Pro-Ho
"I don't care if people call me names. I have more t-shirts and hats than anyone making fun of me. Plus I get to go to all the cool parties and trade shows. If my current boyfriend stops getting coverage I move on to the next victim. I've also been known to trade up ... the bigger the name the better the parties and the cooler I am. So what if I can't stand the cold and don't expecially like to ride either. I look good...I'm alternative sexy. I am a pro-ho."

hmm... i got offered a job. i don't know if i am gonna take it, i have until next thursday to decide. no i will not tell you what it is over lj.

they put in those stupid speed bumps in my neighborhood. damn. they just HAD to put them on the road i like to go 50 down. *grumbles*

i didn't go to my french class today. i was too distracted by paul over lunch. hmmm... oh well *shrug*

my parents are going out of town this weekend. too bad i won't be home at all... oh well. would have been nice if i was still in high school and drinking had a bigger allure. too bad, so sad

oh no. i found the halloween candy... wait, it must not be halloween candy cause it's way too early in the month.

"like an animal" Lost It. Com - Animal

well, i'm off to start my homework. i know it's late, i have bad study habits, so sue me :P

Har ni hittat felet?
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