October 16th, 2001


"Life's short. If you don't look around once and a while you might miss it."

right now my cat is standing by the door to the back yard staring at me. it's kinda creepy. "no kitty, that's my chicken pot pie!" oh wait...

i got a lot of sleep last night. 1045-745 that's good! i feel energized today and not so grumpy or down. good good

my heart almost got broken this morning. i decided that i would have toast w/peanut butter & honey, well when it came down to spreading the peanut butter i realized that the only stuff we had in the pantry was extra crunchy *gag* that's a no go folks. why the hell would you want extra crunchy peanut butter? why not just sprinkle some peanuts on top of creamy? and have you ever tried to spread extra crunchy peanut butter? it tears your shit up! forget that, i don't want holes in my toast... so frantically i searched for the creamy aka: real peanut butter and to my luck i found some!! a wave of comfort and security rushed over me as i easily spread my creamy peanut butter over my toast. ummm....... honey is fun too!

weekend in review.
friday- fun
saturday- some more fun
sunday- twas fun *except for the homework part... but even that wasn't so bad*

hahaa... like that review? it works....

i'll elaborate

hmmm... i think i already posted on friday....

"and now i'm, never the same, never the same girl twice, not the same girl you loved last night.... not the same girl you fucked last night..."

saturday - the rockstar party rocked my world. i wanna give mad props to joe & his flatmates. WAY TO GO GUYS!!! i had fun. the guys running around in just socks (over their units) was really entertaining. thank heavens they decided to go as RHCP and no chick decided to go as alanas morisette (sp?) that would have been just down right scary! eek!!!

sunday - homework, ate thai w/leigh. ummm.... thai food....::drools::....

hmm.... it's time to go. you've had enough.
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for a moment there

i was actually considering not having sex with anyone unless i really loved them.... that thought stuck in my head for about 2 minutes, then i came back to reality and realized it's impossible.
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