October 21st, 2001


"I didn't know I was looking for love until I found you"

What a wonderful weekend. Let me recap my events...

FRIDAY - I went to school... weee... actually it wasn't that bad, my french class ended up getting cancelled so I wasn't too upset. Afterwards I went to Leighs house and we hung out there for a bit. We had decided to take pictures downtown but since I forgot my camera we drove down to Federal Way to pick it up. He got to meet gomer (my bird) and I took him down to Redondo... one of the more beautiful parts of this area. After that we went to downtown Seattle to take pictures. I will have to say, the boy's got skillz... lemmie rephrase that the boy's got madd phat skillz (this applies to more things than taking picutres). He was using a digital camera, so we got to see the photos right away. It almost makes me scared to see mine... they will be pale in comparison. We did a lot of walking, which really isn't a bad thing at all. I love to walk, look at stuff and talk about nothing and everything. *thinks to self - This boy is amazing.* We went into a book store in Bell town and after looking over a few books decided that it wouldn't be a good place to be on a day in which we were trying to take pictures. We could have stayed in there for hours on end. ahhh...purdy picktures. Another day? Perhaps a rainy one...?... We walked around a bit more, went towards Westlake Shopping center and took some pictures in the bus tunnel, more madd phat skillz that this boy displays. I finished my roll of film and so we went to Kits Camera in the mall. His friend Kim works there, so we stopped by to see if she was there. She wasn't so we left. Then when we were a few blocks away from the mall he realized that he had missed a call, turns out it was Geraldine... she was shopping at Nordstroms so we turned around and went back to meet up with her and a few others. I got to meet Geraldine, Kim, Issac, John, and Ericka. We walked Kim up to Kits camera because she had to work, I dropped off my film and Kim printed up a few stickers of the pictures that Leigh had taken. oooOOOOooo I'm impressed. *well, I was impressed a while ago, but this just sent it over the top* After that we headed to Geraldines because she was going to be cooking pasta for everyone. We ate, drank some purple death fucking flavored wine and talked... good times. We were going to be going to Dragonfish downtown, so we hung out at Geraldines as she got ready. Leighs friend Josh came over, and after she was ready we left. I drove my car, and John, Ericka and Issac went to meet up with Kim (because she had just gotten off of work and was going to go with us) so in my car I had myself, Leigh, Geraldine and Josh, then we picked up Emily and last of all we picked up this boy that Geraldine is crushing on, was his name Brenden? Brandon? my memory fails me right now. The boy lives in the boonies... well not really, Lake City Way is far enough tho. I was to also be picking up Greg (?) and since my car was more than full I dropped everyone else off at Dragonfish and Leigh & I went and got Greg. Then it was off to Dragonfish. eating drinking talking. Then we all went to Emilys house. smoked. talked. at about 130am ?? we all decided to throw in the towel. I dropped a few people off and then went to Leighs. We slept... well until about 338, then I got up and went home. was.....so.....sleepy!... & didn't want to leave. *sniffle*

note to self: this is a good one.

SATURDAY - Another highly eventful day. I woke up to hottie calling my cell phone, Leigh wanted to know if I would like to go to dinner with him and his family. Why yes, I would love that! So I hung out at home until about 5ish. What I did while at home... My dads sister stopped by. She hung out for a bit and talked with my mom about assisted living units for my grandma. My aunt left and headed up to my grandmas, I vacuumed and I then decided to take a shower. While I was in the shower my mom tells me that my grandma (dads mom) has fallen down and she is going to go over and help ::sigh:: this is horrible. Not only because she is old and stuff breaks easier on old people, but because she had asked to be placed into a "home" about a year ago. This (her falling) has happened a handful of times this year. She's a cute little old woman that feels she doesn't deserve a lot. ::sigh:: It turns out that my uncle (who is handicapped & lives with my grandma) came home from work and found my grandma laying on the bathroom floor naked. He called here looking for my aunt, and since she wasn't here he told my mom what had happened. So my mom goes over there.... my grandma had been on the floor from 9am until 2pm. *this makes me cry* My aunt called here while my mom was gone and she told me that she didn't get an answer at grandmas, so then I told her that was because grandma had fallen down. She didn't have the kind of reaction I thought a daughter would have. *this makes me sad* My mom had my uncle call 911 because my grandmas rib hurt, turns out it wasn't broken or anything... which was good. This whole incident wouldn't have happened if my dad and his siblings had fulfilled my grandmas wishes by placing her in an assisted living home. shoulda coulda woulda but didn't. .......... I'm going to move on to other thoughts. So I went up to Seattle to meet up with Leigh, bad traffic, I was late. agh. Devon and his g/f Carrie (sp?) went to dinner too... I like Leigh's family (based on my current knowledge of them and the good things he says about them) good times good times. I really like this Leigh boy. He makes me happy. I feel a connection. After dinner we went back to his place... hung out there until it was time to go to the Showbox to see AK1200 & dieselboy, or gasman as Devon calls him. hmmm... I like petroleum man a little better... but to each his own. The crowd was great, I ran into a girl I knew since elementry school, and Leigh ran into a guy he is in graphic design with (Nick was it?). hmm... I recognized him as being someone that lived on the same floor as me when I lived at the dorms. "It's a mad mad world" we danced, but Leigh danced the most. I had fun, good music, great company *awfully damn cute too* could life get any better? Why yes Sarah it sure can. At about 230 we left and went to stellas to get some food. ummm... food.... too bad we almost fell alseep in our plates. Then I spent the night in the arms of the guy who officially has my heart.

SUNDAY - Not only did I wake up to this increadable human being, but I woke up with a weezer song in my head. It must have crawled in while I was sleeping, because I sure don't remember hearing it.... and now here I am....

It's amazing how quickly time passes when you're having fun, and even more quickly it passes when you're with someone you connect with. It's like the world doesn't exist when I'm with him. I swear, bombs could be going off right next to us, and as long as I can look into his eyes I feel like everything is good.

Now I must do some reading because I have a 4-6 pg paper due tomorrow. ewww... icky!
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"The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else."

In this particular situation I wouldn't say the exact emotion is "love" but some small variation thereof.

This one is for you Joe, even though you probably won't get to read it since I am no longer on your friends list.

I never intended for this to happen. It was in the back of my mind as a possibility (as it is in any situation similar to this) but I never thought it would actually happen. If I could have it my way I would make everybody happy, but that's not possible all the time. I am very sorry that I hurt you. I am very sorry that you got hurt. I can imagine how you are feeling, I don't exactly know, because I've never been in that position, but I know that must not feel good.

You are a wonderful person and I am so glad I have gotten to know you. I don't want this to come in-between any sort of friendship we could have, but if it does I will understand that. Not because I want to, but because I respect your desires. I'm glad we spent the time together that we did.

I've always believed that people come into your life for a reason, to teach you something about you, your surroundings or human nature in general. Sometimes seeing the good in the bad is hard, but I am positive it's there.

If it was meant to be it will be.

"Everything is ok in the end, so if it's not ok now, then it must not be the end."

This has affected me. I just needed to formulate an appropriate way to articulate what I was feeling. I hope you will accept my apology.
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word de jour

ob*scur*ant - n. One who opposes intellectual advancement and political reform. adj. 1. Characterized by opposition to intellectual advancement and political reform. 2. Tending to make obscure: an obscurant bank of clouds.

my poem

little black spider
i saved your life
now you are an outsider
i hope you don't live in strife

i don't wanna do my homework!
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