October 22nd, 2001


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I'm full of all sorts of bad decisions. It's no wonder I'm not very far in school...
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word de jour & other random thoughts

ouh, this is a good word...

in*de*ter*min*ism - n. 1. Unpredictability. 2. (Philosophy) The doctrine that there are some events, particularly some human actions or decisions, which have no cause.

if i knew how to post pics i would... but since i don't none for you!

Ethel is a bit of a demon in her wheelchair and loves to charge around the nursing home, taking corners on one wheel and getting up to maximum speed on the long corridors. Because the poor dear is several sandwiches short of a picnic, the other residents tolerate her eccentric behaviour, and some of them even join in the fun. One day Ethel is speeding along one of the corridors when a man steps out of one of the doorways with his arm outstretched:
"Stop!" he says firmly, "Have you got a licence for that thing?"
Ethel fishes around in her handbag and pulls out a Kit-Kat wrapper, which she hands to him with a big smile.
"OK," he says, and off she goes again. Taking the corner by the TV lounge on one wheel as usual, she finds another man standing in the corridor in front of her.
"Stop! Have you got a valid tax disc for that vehicle, madam?"
Ethel digs into her handbag again and comes up with a well-used beer-mat, which she presents for inspection, whereupon she is sent on her way once more. Heading down the last corridor before the front door, a third man steps out in front of her. He is stark naked, and holding a sizeable erection in one hand.
"Oh no," cries Ethel, "Not the breathalyser again!"

ah hah ah hah..... hhaaaa...... hum.

ya so anyway... like i was saying, or... was i?.....

ok i wasn't. i lied.

I didn't do my homework, so I didn't go to school today. AGH! I'm full of all sorts of good ideas. NOT

I talked w/the bank, turns out I mostly likely won't be able to consolidate my credit. Damn them!!

Since I don't have a job and I didn't go to school today I am going to turn in a job application. I hope I can get the job, even if it is just seasonal. I would be good in underware sales no?

I deleted a bunch of people from my aim list. Boy that felt good. I've been in a "gotta get rid of stuff" mood, it's kinda nice.

::glances at snowboard:: can't wait to take that out and play

I was so proud of myself, I cleaned my little birds cage. awh... how sweet....

I can't wait to get my pics back from friday. I wanna see them....::bounces in seat::....

Ouh, it's time to ask the magic 8 ball a question lemmie see..... ok "Was Michael Jackson abducted by aliens?"
"Reply hazy, try again"

agh... ok "Was Michael Jackson abducted by aliens?"
"Better not tell you now"

stoopid 8 ball....::grumble.grumble::....

well, it's time for me to go now... but not until I leave you a little poem

Bad Dream
ghosts and goblins scary shit
make me wish i had more wit.
sweating & thrashing nightmares chore
at least they're not a bore.
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