October 24th, 2001


word de jour & "ketchup"

in�cu*bate��, v.t., 1. Hatch. 2. Encourage the development of.

This word promoted by the LBC corp. in cooperation with the SAL broadcasting company.

Yesterday seems like it was a year ago, but the day went by quickly. I didn't go to school. hmmm... bad sarah bad....::whimpers::....*sits w/face in corner* ... n*e*waze... went to pick Leigh up from school, I was late (because my bank called me back at the last minute :P) on the way to the U district I saw a double rainbow. That had to be one of the most heavenly nature-made sights to behold (Leigh doesn't count 'cause he's man-made...) got Leigh, tried to deposit my check but was unsuccessful. Talked to Regina, she found out that her b/fs brother is bipolar. poor thang... he's 19? and just found that out. It explains a lot about him tho (kinda nutty kid) Since Leigh & I were on first hill we stopped at Gregs home so he could show Leigh his art. The guy's got skillz. We smoked, I was really stoned for a really long time. niiiiiice. Leigh ate, we went to Guitar Center, Leigh drew a little crowd with his madd phat piano skillz. I was impressed, but I was a long time ago... it just sent me over the top. Afterwards we went back to his place, he showed me even more pimp skillz that he's got (this boy is LOADED with amazing qualities I never expected to find in a person) then we went to Scarecrow video and got this french movie I have to watch for my SIS 200 class. Instead of watching the movie he helped me w/my french homework & spun some records. (is this boy a dream? if so I don't ever wanna wake up) Then we went to Marcus' house, I got to experience the "monkey room" (I think that's what it was called...) then Geraldine showed up and we looked at some pics & a book Marcus got for Leigh. Then I had to go home. Sometimes I like driving, it's fun at night cause there aren't very many people on the road, but when you are A) tired and B) don't wanna leave someone/somewhere it makes it hard to go. ::sigh:: I'm sure I'll live tho...

Today I woke up late, but I was ready for school in a hour. I'm impressed.... that's pretty damn quick for a girl, esp since I had to shower, paint my face and blow dry my hair. Before I could leave Fed.Way I had to check ma cars oil, it was low about a quart :/ then I had to put gas in the car & deposit a check. I wasn't late for class, and I even got to watch a movie. :) I met up with Leigh for lunch. Geraldine, Jin and Marcus joined us. It was crazy cause we kept on seeing more & more people they knew (I only kinda know at this point...) while we were out for lunch. "It's a mad mad world" -Zen Cowboys Then I went to my french class. My bud Ozzy had broke his pipe yesterday so after class we went to off the wall and found him a new one. It's purdy. I love going pipe shopping. If any of you wanna buy a pipe and feel the need to have someone there to support you thru your purchase, give me a call. After the off the wall experience I went and harassed Paul at work. He gave me shit about my ghetto shoes and my corruption of the youth. :P that's all I have to say about that. It was good to see him again, maybe I'll have some beat-up chicken kids with him on sunday. hmmmm? So after I was done harassing Paul, and he was ready to kick me out too... I went to ma car and found that I had exactly one bowl left. So I loaded it and then Leigh calls... he had gotten out of class early, so I went & got him & we had a little afternoon roast. ahhhh... we went to his place and decided that we were lazy, but ice cream sounded good so we went to Safeway and bought some ice cream and H2O. We went back to his pad and started the french movie I rented (it's called the Sorceress) agh. if you wanna watch a bad foreign film that's the one. We ate quite a bit of ice cream, watched some of the movie then his dad called. It was his grandpas birthday and they were going to Anthonys for dinner. So we met up w/his family there. I like this boy and I like where he comes from. Their sense of humor is great. Reminds me of my own familys sometimes... after dinner we went back to his place and... hung out for a bit. Ma lill babe was sleepy so I left him to his dreams and came home... and here I sit.

I really should be in bed right now. okok... in a min...

I have to say, I've never met anyone like him. I've never clicked with anyone like I feel I do with him.

I've asked the magic 8ball a few questions and let me say "It is certain" :)

one of the questions was...
me: Is Leigh good at playing the flute?
magic 8ball: Don't count on it

I took this quiz http://www.animalinyou.com/survey.asp and it told me I was either a otter, wild cat or possibly a swan, but only one. After reading the descriptions it was hard to decide, but I would have to lean towards otter.

"This transmission is coming to you..."

Well, I am off to dream. Hopefully I won't have any bad dreams like I had last night. I am hopeing that they will be filled with; Leigh and honey.

and in the words of billiam the great
"dat iz all"
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i forgot

i was writing a poem... here it goes

Ode to oil

oil oil in ma car,
you will help me to go far.
golden fluid in it's viens,
pulsing faster than a train.

sometimes hot, sometimes cold,
sometimes black, sometimes gold.

oil oil lube her up,
make her feel like a slut.
this car's a wanderer & likes to drive,
makes me feel quite alive.

now i go to bed.

word de jour

boo*ty n., pl. -ties 1. Plunder taken from an enemy in time of war. 2. Goods or property seized by force or piracy. 3. A valuable prize, award, or gain.
boo*ty also boo*dy n., pl. -ties also -dies 1. slangthe buttocks. 2. vulgar slang a. The vulva or vagina. b. Sexual intercourse.

The booty was booty.