October 25th, 2001


before bed

i will write this little poem...

little kitty in the city,
sitting there looking pretty.
won't you notice the afterglow?
when her feelings over flow...
drip like water on a pane
pouring faster through her veins,
leaks like light out of her eyes
she won't try to disguise

what she feels for him.
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word de jour x2

so*ste*nu*to music adv. & adj. In a manner that is sustained as long as or beyond a note's full value. Used chiefly as a direction. n., pl. -tos or -ti A sostenuto passage or movement.

sot n. A drunkard.
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.:*twist* :.

I decided on a format for my entries. The beginning will be "G" rated, and it will slowly progress to the lovey dovey mushy gushy feelings at the end. So those of you that don't want to gag have the ability to read my wonderful posts w/out having to empty the contents of your stomach. How nice of me no?

Why is it that people don't know how to maintain a constant speed while on the freeway? I'm convinced that it's all an Evil plot to piss me off. That's it, I know it. How about this one, the cop has somebody pulled over on the OTHER SIDE OF THE BARRIER and people STILL feel the need to SLAM on their breaks. AGH! GET A FUCKING CLUE PEOPLE!!! Driving to Seattle everyday is making me an angry driver. I'm just grateful that I don't own a gun yet, cause if I did there sure would be a lot of people with flat tires.

awh, my bird was making loud chirpy noises... awh.... what a cutie no? Well, most of you wouldn't know 'cause you haven't seen him (except for Leigh, Joe and Brad, they're cool and have been to my house) but maybe I'll be nice & one day post a pic of him.... now that I have that power. muwahahahahaa....haaa.....ha..ahhhh


I'm tired and am gonna cut this post off pretty soon.

Here's a little poem for this guy

yo yo yo

Joe G has a pimpin fee
cause he's bigger than Mr. T.
Like a tack he's sharp & witty
so look out if you're a kitty.
Smooth & skilled like the Don
he'll know how to turn you on.

c'est amour...
For the last two weeks I feel like I've been in the clouds. Things are happening around me but you know what? It doesn't phase me. I'm so very happy with my current situation that I almost wonder if it could get any better. The thing is, I know it will... I don't think I've ever been this comfortable so quickly around someone. For me it's hard to trust guys, I've been screwed around before and it puts a strain on ones emotions as well as mental well being. It doesn't help when your own father doesn't set a very good example. With Leigh, I feel like I can trust him. My past doesn't matter. This is a good thing, letting go of the past and being able to forget (or "put the files away" as my analogy goes*) all the wrong done to you by other people of the opposite sex. It's like Leigh is restoring my faith in men. Sure there are some I just won't trust, but I think that will be based more on a character flaw than due to the fact that they are male. Leigh, you rock my world in more ways than I think you know. Thank you for coming into my life. :)

I go to bed now and dream of my Leigh.
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