November 16th, 2001


in deep space, abandoned....


hmm... so today is my parents anniversary. they've been together from 1979...oooOOOooo they went out of town for the weekend, which is nice for them, sucks for me cause i end up "babysitting" my younger sister. hmm... story of my life. look at her, doesn't she look like a handful???

actually, i've trained her well. *sniffle* i'm so proud...::wipes away tear::... hahahaa...

hmmm... i'm so happy today is friday cause that means i get to spend my weekend w/my love ::swoons:: also today is payday and i haven't gotten a paycheck since july. wOOt!

word de jour
pur-lieu - n. bordering or outlying district

no dreams that i can remember from last night. hmmm... i musta been too busy w/sleeping to actually have any worth remembering. oh well, next time?

i'm running on low today... maybe i should find some crack, that will wake me up :P haha! i'm sorry but i'm gonna have to agree w/denis leary.... i won't do any drug named after my own ass either.

have you ever been hung upside down over a shark tank? me neither.

i should listen to more classical music. i should especially listen to more piano music. i want to start playing again. hmmm.... i hope i can pick it back up

i think i'm gonna finish my roll of film this weekend. i've forgotten what was on the first half and i'm sure i wanna see those pics... yea! a new roll to look forward to!

ok, i'm gonna get ready for the day now, i've got a lot of stuff to do and very little time to do it in...
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    dj storm & johnny dangerously - perfect timing vol II