November 29th, 2001



gomer was SO damn cute tonight. he took a bath and played the kissy game...
here he is.... lifesize...

it's he cute? eh... better in real life...
i've taught him how to say "pretty bird" "gomie" and "what are you doing" as well as the wolf whistle

well it's off to bed for me... good night
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"do you want me back?"

"I'm sleeping later, waking later, I'm eating less and thinking more."
Everything but the Girl - single from walking wounded

I'm so sleepy... tonight's all nighter is really gonna suck. ::sigh:: damn homework. i wouldn't be so sad if i didn't have to work... that's the part that is gonna blow ass... 4-9pm. then homework. WHERE'S THE ME TIME?!?!?!!
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    Everything but the Girl - walking wounded


i took this pic of my friend regina at snowqualmie falls. we were enjoying nature to it's fullest that day.. :)
the real pic has some color in it... but my cheap ass scanner didn't pick up on it...::grumble:grumble::....

hmmm... now to the homework... :P

i think that under the "current mood" option "stoned" should be listed...
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    everything but the girl - walking wounded

well this sucks

i was putting a book on my bookshelf, and i knocked over this cute little crystal candle holder, it hit my foot and then broke. :*( i didn't even get to use it!!

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FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!! she yelled as she frantically pulled and tugged at her hair.

SCHOOL CAN EAT A DONKEY DICK!!!! was heard ringing thru the quite ghetto of federal way

now the children are silent
mothers don't let them go out and play
for fear that she
will turn them away from a college education

so if c's get degrees, what do d's get?
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