December 3rd, 2001


"make me bark"

well... don't really... i can do that on my own

i colored my hair this evening... it's still wet so i don't know how it's gonna look... gues that means i will have a surprise in the morning :)
i love surprises
i love leigh too !!!

friday - didn't have paper done. talked to prof, he wouldn't let me turn it in late. so i won't get a grade for it at all. gonna ask my ta about the possibility of pass/fail on monday. after school i picked up my paycheck, dragged leigh w/me. it was my mom's b-day so we went to dinner w/my family. she wanted pics of me and my sis for her b-day present ... so we went and got some taken.

i saw WAY too many people i went to high school with on friday. it was almost surreal. after all that i packed up my snowboarding gear, then realized that my snowboarding boots were in storage. called my bud regina to see if i could borrow hers, she had to go home and look for them, then she found out they were stored somewhere in her attic and her dad wasn't home to get them. so that meant rent. bleh. leigh and i then went to his 'rents house so he could get his gear, then we went to his place... went to sleep around 130? 200?

saturday - woke up at 430 and went snowboarding at mt. baker, it kicked some serious booty, and i don't mean the pirates treasure kind either. i hurt my neck, and now my upper body hurts. really affirms my belief that i need to go to the gym more. must be buff like... china? nonono, that's just wrong. our belief in the fact that people are in fact devolving was reaffirmed while we were waiting to leave. long funny story... won't go into it now. got back to seattle at 8, "napped" for a half hour, then met up w/marcus and spence at a chinese restaurant. there were some... "special" people there... damn. then we went to the trowelhouse for what turned out to be an awesome party. such a good vibe... thank you trowelhouse members.

then it was off to bed... at 330? ... got up at about 3... completely beat.

so that was my weekend. very eventful and not nearly long enough. tomorrow night:
be prepared.

hmm... mike called me tonight too... it was a fairly decent conversation. sad to say he wasn't really one i could sit and talk to... he had opinions, he just thought he was right all the time. wouldn't listen to what anyone else had to say... oh well, everyone's got their own thing. it's not like we argued over the phone (that woulda been "recockulious" (as leigh would put it...)) it's just that i had to start the conversation about 95% of the time. oh well... some people are just like that.

now Leigh, he embodies everything that i need, want and should have. it surprises me that girls have let him get thru their fingers... but i'm happy they did, cause then i wouldn't have him, and we go together like cookies and milk. so smooth and sweet... hard to resist!

well, i'm gonna get to bed now... my muscles are sore and i didn't get much in the way of sleep last week...
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