December 9th, 2001


ages 8 and up

props to Bill Watterson... his characters can make me piss my pants from laughing so hard. no, not really piss my pants...

well, had a good weekend
friday - did stuff w/leigh (i can only remember smoking weed... right now, gimmie a minute...) oh, we went to dinner w/his family, then went to their house and sat in the hot tub. leighs friend josh came over, then we all went to emilys house for a party. smoked some more... went back to his place for some...
saturday - got a new coat, northface, very nice. happy early christmas sarah! thanks ma an pa... went to dannys house for a party. good times great people... lots of alcohol. thanks danny! (and his flatmates) went grocery shopping afterwards...
sunday - didn't go snowboarding. slept, ate, smoked, did stuff..., came home and ate ate ate ate somemore... and here i am . weeee.... fun no?

three more days of class. wOOt! then finals douh!
french test tomorrow and tuesday. :P
sis paper due wednesday :P
sis study questions to be answered by tuesday :P

bah icky poo poo pants. me no wanna do.

umm... veeetahmens.... dey ahra goud phour euw

so much to do so little time... i have to start getting peoples xmas gifts ready, otherwise.... it'll be a sad sad day...

anything else new? *dot*dot*dot* ran into somebody i've never met before... strange story here folks... (i have to talk about the past for the reader to fully understand... so bear w/me peeps..)
so my first was w/this guy named Nick Briggs. we weren't dating, and never really did... anyway... he was a year younger than me and it was in the spring of 97 when my cherry was last seen. i saw him last in the spring of 99 when he visited me at the dorms. then after that day i hadn't talked to him or seen him... well, around my 20th birthday (04july) i got a call from a friend... apparently nick had been doing some off road motorcycling, gotten into an accident and died. woah.
well... i kept on going about my business (aka: life) and then yesterday i'm at the checkout stand w/my mom and sister and this girl ringing us up, well... she looked so damn familiar, but i knew i hadn't met her before (i'm the type that remembers faces mostly, names... bah, forget it!) the way she moved, the way she talked, just triggered something... i looked at her nametag "shauna" "hmm... have i heard that name before?" at that point in time the secretary in my head* is going thru as many files as she can, desperately trying to find a match to who this girl is...
"is your last name briggs?" i asked her
[stops and looks at me] "ya, why" she answered uneasily
"i knew your brother nick, i went to high school with him..."
i think i musta rocked her world. she was all fumbling with things after that. it was really odd cause she has curly red hair and he had straight blonde hair, but as far as verbal mannerisms, hand motions, and appearance in the face, they were a dead match. how odd would it be if you are going about your day at work, and someone you've never met before knows your last name... that would trip me out.

*secretary in my head - I see memory as something of a filing system, old things get filed back further, but if they are lessons learned they go in a special section of the filing system or are flagged for frequent visitation ie: don�t touch heating element when red, will burn, that sort of thing. Once a memory is recalled the file is pulled and set on your desk. Now it may take a while for this file to get back into the filing system due to your secretary being a lazy fat ass, the size of the file, or the magnitude of lesson it had on your life. Now if the file isn't filed away w/in 90 days your desk could get a little messy. Then I say it's time you fire that fat ass lazy good for nothing secretary and find yourself a new one w/a better rack & ass. (I worked for a great deal of time in medical records and medical insurance billing) (taken from this post)

ya, i can be a little eccentric at times, but that's why y'all love me right... right!?!?!?!!?!?!!

well, i really should head to bed now... this week is gonna be one of those that is gonna make me wanna sleep after it's over...

WARNINGsome of you may not want to read the marquee thing...

i'm so in love w/lbc, it's kinda hard bein s-a-h-r-i-E, but... some how some way, we keep on doin triple x stuff like every single day...
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