December 14th, 2001


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hmmm... changed the colors on my lj, also was gonna organize the pics on my web site, but then realized that doing so would be a bad idea ... considering i would then lose previously posted pics, and i'm too lazy to fix all that... so i'll just put up folders, and start organized everything uploaded after today. ahh... great idea sahrie!

i want to learn how to make a better webpage... will learn...

what are we doing? we're sleeping... i thought we were going to the rave... we're sleeping
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    ouh ee ouh ah ah ching chang walla walla bing bang...

why am i so damn tired??

hmm.. who knows, maybe i need some drugs? anyone have any crack?? hahahaa... i'm kidding yo.... but i do need some coffee and a change of music, no more m.o.s. chillout grooves... it's time for some CRYSTAL METHOD. hehee...
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    crystal method - tweekend


i'm gonna teach gomie (my bird) how to say
"hey baby, you light my fire"

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    crystal method - tweekend

to you

the sun will set
the moon will rise
i can always see
me in your eyes

so soft the kiss
and gentil the touch
those nights alone
i miss you much

the smell of your skin
the sound of your voice
brings mixed melodies
of a realized choice

i hold you dear
my closest friend
you will be there
even in the end.
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    crystal method - tweekend

and your point is...?....

so what if i should be studying and instead i am taking my time to decorate my room... i'm putting to good use my creative energy... a photo collage, glow in the dark stars, decorative lighting, and some favorite flyers are becoming new additions to my humble abode.

"we come in peace..."
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    dj storm & johnny dangerously - perfect timing vol II


how appropriate is this... the song "the gift" by way out west comes on while i'm putting up my glow in the dark stars... well, the lyrics to this song go like this "the moon and the stars, were the gift you gave..."
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