December 15th, 2001



it's not that i'm tired... i just want to sleep... bed's so warm, everywhere outside it is cold :*( must get ready for final right now... weeee.... i didn't study, but that's why i got up early, gonna go to a coffee shop and get wired while i review. that's all i really can do, review.

on a side note: yesterday i made lots of money. so on the tenth of dec i borrowed 180$ from my parents. 130 to pay a visa bill, and 50$ to go "snowboarding" well, i got paid yesterday (and i also busted my butt around the house, by doing at least 5 loads of laundry and vacuuming) i don't have much to spend on xmas this year (last year i spent 900$, this year 200$) so as i'm in my room cleaning it *gasp* my mom comes in and hands me 40$, i was like "what's this for?" to which she responded "for taking the incentive to help out around the house w/out having to be asked" then i replied "well i owe you about 180$ can i just pay you back w/this and then after chistmas?" she told me "just forget about it"

wow. thanks mom!!!!!!
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into liquid...

hmm... my french final went ok, i don't think i failed, but i know i didn't ace it. oh well...

ate w/the boy, ummm... thai food, i still have some leftovers...::drools::...
we bought our tickets for blyss. damn... $40, oh well, merry xmas to me.
he had to do some laundry to i gave him back to his dad in factoria
i was gonna go to the mall... then i thought about the parking, and all the people in the mall... and i decided against it. screw it, i'm definetly making people their gifts this year... i need to start that asap. the mall at this time of year SUCKS and it can kiss my big white ass!!!!

hmmm... now i'm gonna hop in the shower... well, not hop in the shower cause i might slip and hurt myself, so i'll rephrase my statement, now i'm gonna get into the shower and get all wet and slippery and then rub my body down with some soap. ahh... much better.

"something quick..."
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